Business Administration Subject Guide

Welcome to the subject guide for Business Administration. This guide will provide the AUCA students, researchers and staff with access to subject and the library information resources.

Research Resources

This guide was created to help the students, staff, and faculty at AUCA access its growing collection of eResources and to make use of the various features and functions they offer.  Despite the minor differences across e-book providers, e-books are a valuable resources.


The easiest way to find e-books is through the Library Catalog.  When looking for eResource on your topic, enter in your search terms in either the search box "All" and click Search or you can use advanced search.  Once you receive your results list, refine your search by selecting Publication Date, Material Type (e.g. books, journals), Subject, Language, etc. under the Format limiter (found in the left-hand toolbar).


Research Basics


A keyword search looks for items that contain that word or phrase in the title, abstract, description, text, etc. Different writers use different terminology, so be sure to think of synonyms or similar words. If you search for purchasing, you won't get papers that use the term buying​ instead. To search for both terms, you can use the OR boolean: purchasing OR buying.

What are Booleans?

Booleans are words that are used to connect search terms- OR will broaden your search by searching for items with either term: purchasing OR buying will retrieve papers that have at least one of the words.

AND will narrow your results by only searching for items that contain both terms: purchasing AND overhead will only retrieve papers that include both words in the text.

NOT will narrow your search by excluding results that contain that term: acquisitions NOT mergers will retrieve papers that discuss acquisitions but not mergers.


Searching Effectively Using AND, OR, NOT

Interactive tutorial here: 
Tutorial to make basic search: